Edi. E
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Height 204cm (6'8")
Weight 145kg (319 lbs.)
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Edi. E is a character in the Final Fight series of fighting games. His weapons of choice are a police stick (sometimes a steel pipe) and a gun.

Edi. E used to make an honest living. An officer for the Metro City police department, he once prided himself on his work. That is, until the day the Mad Gear Gang showed up.

In working to establish his gang as a major force on Metro City's streets, it is said that Horace Belger, a very wealthy and well-known citizen, began offering outrageous amounts of cash to dozens of city officials, many of whom were lured into the gang.

Upon hearing this, Edi. E began to consider his options. Having spent nearly six years of his life as a policeman, he decided he was growing bored with the job. His salary wasn't what it used to be, and with a wife and three children at home, he knew he couldn't hope to support them for much longer.

So it was that Edi. E reluctantly went to Mad Gear, and begged them for a job. Hardly impressed, Belger demanded that he first prove his worth by apprehending a rival gang leader. Though not completely taken by the idea, Edi. E accomplished his task, thus proving his usefulness to his newfound employers.

More duties followed and before long, Mad Gear had wrestled total control from the rest of the city's gangs. Amassing a small fortune from all his underground labors, Edi. E's lifestyle dramatically improved. Before he could start planning for early retirement, however, Mad Gear found itself in conflict with Mike Haggar, who had sworn to dismantle the gang after his daughter Jessica's abduction. Fearing for his financial security, Edi. E stood along with Mad Gear in the fight, but could not stifle the combined efforts of Haggar and his two powerful allies, Cody and Guy. In the end, all of the members of Mad Gear found themselves behind bars. Though Edi. E managed to elude capture, his greatest source of income had been permanently severed, and he had no choice but to make an honest living again. In Final Fight Revenge, Edi. E arguably reforms from his evil ways and sets out to put the rest of Mad Gear behind bars so as to make Captain of the police.

In more recent days, Edi. E spent much of his time chasing down Alpha Cody, who turned criminal shortly after Mad Gear's demise. But while his cause appeared to be just, many people wondered if Edi. E was truly as interested in serving the law, as he was with pursuing an old vendetta.